Top 3 Most Scenic Races in The World

Running a marathon is one thing, but most runners know that the scenery is part of the thrill and excitement. Races and marathons are held annually across the world in some of the most pristine locations imaginable. Here are some of the most scenic marathons for athletes to consider.

Two Oceans Race

The Two Oceans Race on the southern tip of Africa is arguably one of the most picturesque running tracks that take athletes via Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, and Constantia Nek.  The total distance is approximately 52km. The gradient profile of the terrain makes this a serious challenge for running enthusiasts.

About 11,000 runners participate in this event annually, with thousands of spectators joining in on the sidelines. The race presents participants with some of Cape Town’s most beautiful scenery. Take a moment to enjoy grandstand views of the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Inca Trail Marathon

South America has some of the world’s most untouched natural environments, and athletes can participate in trails that stretch all the way from the Llactapata ruins through a series of Andean trails that will give participants breathtaking scenes of the Peruvian Andes.

The historical Inca sites will deliver participants with some of the most beautiful views of ancient Macchu Picchu.

Niagara Falls Marathon

The Niagara Fall course runs across two countries. Runners start the race in the U.S. city of Buffalo finish at the edge of Niagara Falls in Canada. Participants can enjoy the road as they move through the picturesque Niagara Park.

These exciting marathon locations are hard to top. Besides the fact that running is a great form of exercise and that people can get a series of health benefits from participating in competitions, these beautiful sceneries will offer participants a rewarding experience in terms of scenery and grandeur.

Follow these races online or access their websites for more details about racing schedules and fees.