Reading is a great way to learn about running and athletics. Follow the lives and experiences of professional athletes to learn more about the sport. Gain the knowledge and insights to be better prepared for races and events.

The Runner’s Kitchen: 100 Stamina-Building Recipes by Emma Coburn

These energy-boosting and stamina-building recipes are combined with healthy meal plans that will take an athlete’s game to the next level. Emma Coburn is a world champion athlete on the track and in the gym Emma Coburn. However, the rest of the time, people will find her in the kitchen. These meal plans are for athletes who are serious about their craft.

Training Essentials for Ultrarunning by Jason Koop

Jason Koop’s Training Essentials for Ultrarunning is packed with tips and advice about competing in running competitions. Jason uses his more than 20 years of coaching and running experience, along with the latest running tech. Ultrarunners can use this as a reference manual to improve their running game.

Once a Runner by John L. Parker

Parker returns to racing after her retirement to participate in marathons again. Readers who are looking for some inspiration can pick up a copy of her book in a store. This is an exceptional resource for avid runners. Once a Runner features a vibrant senior in college on the brink of success in the mile run.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougal

This book by Christopher McDougal about running has been popular since its launch more than a decade ago. The plot centers around running barefoot and minimalist traditions. This novel encouraged the trend of the “running shoe revolution”, where people began investigating ways of running more efficiently.

Resources and books like these can provide running enthusiasts with all the information they need to succeed on the track. Running experts and authors with many years of experience can provide athletes with the necessary tips and information that will help them to succeed.